Working on crewmates for Catherine (Because you really can’t captain a ship without a few people on board.) Jeong and Jemima tend to go by nicknames because several of the painfully european crewmembers are entirely unable to vaguely pronounce their actual names (And I need to consult with friends who actually know these cultures before I go traipsing through figuring out everything beyond basic history personality and aesthetics here.) 

Nevertheless I’m very fond of these characters. Jemima is based upon a delightful discovery I made last Saturday called Velvet ants, which are actually wasps that due to the wingless-ness of the females tend to look like fuzzy, colourful ants. That can sting. 

Jeong is the resident demolitions expert who is based upon paper wasps. He’s generally very boisterous, friendly and terrifying when you’re not sure where those explosions are coming from or when he found the time to plant those sticks of dynamite anyway. 

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